Sunday, February 21, 2016


The left hand already knows
Right hands intention.
They are familiar old friends.
 "Her Left Hand" by M.S. Digital Photograph 2016

What the culture wants to say
It advertises
In well lit public places.
 "Bus Stop Signage" By M.S. Digital Photograph 2016

 A friend carries you over
from dark into light.
No end but in beginning.
 "Welcome Home" by M.S. Color Pencil and India Pen 4X5 2001

Her autobiography;
Each mark an event.
History is just like this.
"Washer Woman" by Curtis E. James Oil on Canvas 36X48 2007

A sky scene hovers over
All people in here.
Thoughts rise up to that freedom.
"Looking Up At The Clinic" by M.S. Digital Photograph 2016

The Cities are reaching up.
Cranes are their builders,
Prophets of the new vision. 
"Sundown Landscape with Cranes" by M.S. Digital Photograph 2016 
Traditional Haiku is three lines of a 5-7-5 sylable count pattern,
these are 7-5-7


Wendy Daly said...

I see the light is insight
your poems are so bright
I feel the need to reply

Mo Crow said...