Tuesday, March 1, 2016


 Screen shot from "Medieval Manuscripts" blog post

"The ancient Egyptians had a whole leap-month, called the intercalary or epagonal month, which consisted of either five or six days that were added to the end of the year. It still survives in the liturgical calendar of Coptic Christians."
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February was Confining
Yes there were some good times for sure, but I won't mourn its passing.  I counted change to squeeze by,

Was thrifty, but

It delivered me one last blow!
Finding out on the 29th that a check bounced on the 11th produced a knot in my gut.  The sad irony is it was my second $15 contribution to Bernie Sander!

And there was illness, loss of friends and a beloved teacher.

March may have come in like a lion too soon.
Still I know there are sublime worlds, and more questions than answers, so I'll  simply pay sharper attention, sail on, and
hone my blunted compassion bone.
 Rephotographed still from "Hidden Seminoles"


Medieval Manuscripts

Hidden Seminoles 

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Nancy said...

I'm sorry for your hard days Michelle, but yes...sail on, for Spring is round the corner and oh, how we love the sweetness of the air in the Springtime.