Monday, March 7, 2016


Carmine Street Metrics
Reading featuring Jee Leong Koh and John Foy.  I was also looking forward to hearing John Marcus Powell and Nemo Hill read in the open + I had something to read as well.
At 2:15 PM
I traveled to Houston Street near Avenue C and searched for Otto's Tiki Bar from the river to 2nd Avenue twice till a nice fellow, responding to my "Excuse me I'm lost" looked for the Tiki Bar on his IPhone and found it at 190 Allen Street in a new hotel, but the doorman said..."Yes, on the top floor but it's closed."  That's when I gave up.
Walked on to third Avenue and waited for the bus, where I met, rode uptown with and chatted to Wei Leng and Ise, both artists--he from Malaysia and she from Pakistan. She knew Jee through a friend of hers and is actually friends with him on Face book. That's the two of them in the back center of the bus below.

I missed the reading arriving home about 5:30PM. Looked at the invite and woke up to the fact that it's on 14th Street !!!!!

The End of Downton Abbey
(a few screen shots off my tiny television)
 Got a little teary despite the over-the-top finale with everyone happy
well matched
 graciously adjusting to change
 villains being thwarted
 Granny, magnificent as ever
 and a son is born to our favorite couple.
Farewell to my diversion, to melodrama, exquisite landscapes, fabulous costumes, gorgeous interior settings, and all those delicious characters.

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