Sunday, April 24, 2016


Saturday opened with rain that was transformed by afternoon sunlight, and passed so quickly it seemed as though time had accelerated.  Waking from a nap, I wondered briefly where I was.  Some dreams take on dimensional reality that's very convincing.
I stole some more violets for the vinegar while the seven o'clock mass was in session.
Even though it was me who carted those violets there in the first place, and me who spread them from place to place over the decades, I still felt like a thief.  Onward then, down to the East river Styvesant Cove park at dusk to a reflected sunset with a 'bird' cloud.
Some Plant Profiles:
Names temporarily forgotten
 Got much too close
 Having focus problems
"Hmmmm" I thought
Waking reality is simply another kind of dream
One perfect Cherry Tree
May I dream as a bee dreams tonight.
Summertime dreams:



grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i will think of you now as the Violet Thief


Ms. said...

I would much prefer you think of me as 'She who steals violets to make the bitter-sweet'Grace.

Mo Crow said...