Wednesday, May 18, 2016


"One can't complain. I have my friends.
Someone spoke to me only yesterday."

This homeless visitor
interrupted his lunch to wave at me.
My blog friend D.L. sent a care package
with three gorgeous linen garments,
 plus this surprise Aquarian tarot
to join with my other two.
My dear Florida friend sent dried pungent thyme
hand picked from her garden.
 I separated the sticks for tea,
 ...and strained the leaves for fine spicing.
My old buddy A.E. brought a bag full of dry goods
including a ten pound bag of choice Basmati rice!
Really, how cared for can a person be before she bursts!  I'm counting blessings not sheep, and attempting to give away some of the rice because I'll just never get through it.  None of the garments (a stunning blouse and two sleeveless vests) fit me unfortunately, but I have two friends who will be just delighted to have some class additions to their wardrobes, and I'm going to love making them smile, so still great gifts.
Then Spring turned cool and bright.
May all beings be happy
May all beings be free from suffering
May all beings live with an easy heart.

Thank you


Peggy said...

Reading this brightened my day...sunny and cool here too (Wednesday) after several dark, rainy days. A breakthrough. Xo

deemallon said...

love this: "Then spring turned bright and cool"... it's bright and cool here, as well... (PS I noticed you tagged Deb Lacativa as "Dee"... I don't mind, but she might)