Saturday, June 18, 2016


Had a simply wonderful date at the local Laundromat (clean, efficient and all the machines work).  I listened to Prairie Home Companion on my little portable with headphones while waiting and was thoroughly entertained.
 At one point I stepped outside and witnessed an incident.  The man in blue shirt near the blue awning at the back of the photo had been swearing at people coming out of the Italian eatery (he's from the neighborhood and often angry).  Then the couple in the foreground (man in blue shirt and the woman with a cane), phoned the police to report him when He said he was going to blow the place up.  The man in the green shirt with his bike commiserated with them, said he knew the guy was disturbed.  So the police came, talked to him awhile and to the restaurant owners who said he harassed them regularly.  They took him away to Bellevue nearby for a mental assessment.  There was no violence.
On the way home with my clean sheets and comforter, I ran into these two beautiful neighbors just returned from their day at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.
Life is I'll pack.

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