Tuesday, June 7, 2016


"Multi-Dimensional Magnificence"
The West Village Chorale at Judson Memorial Church
Spring Concert
June 5th 2016
 "Inspired by the many concerts produced by the American composer and conductor Greg Smith",who was himself "inspired by polychoral traditions from San Marco, Venice Italy, to the stereophonic tendencies of Charles Ives."

Ominous sky over Washington Square
 Before the concert

Two windows in the stairwell to the concert hall
 The choir surrounded the audience and was in constant movement between and sometimes during some of the choral works.  This device gave us multiple perspectives on the pieces.  Sometimes the sound was right behind me, and then it was surround sound.  A very powerful listening experience, and a rigorous choreographic feat for the performers.  The choir continues to ripen and mature.  This was my third experience with them and I look forward to many more.  

My friend Michael
(understandably exhausted but happy)

After the Concert
The sky over Washington Square was gorgeous
 Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
 While staring in wonder, we encountered another woman, coincidentally also named Michelle (Lerner) admiring the view.  She joined us since she was going in the same direction and we found we had much in common.  One more magical moment appeared when we found a perfectly healthy discarded Gardenia plant which, since she lived nearby, we entrusted it to her as we headed over to Waverly Place to the White Oak Tavern bidding farewell to our new friend.  Michael and his friend Lauren had some food and libation, while I stuck to water with a lemon twist, having sated myself at the sumptuous after concert feast.
 We parted for our trips home, she heading West to the subway, while Michael and I boarded the third Avenue bus.


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Peggy said...

Yes, I think MAGIC is the perfect label for this night!

Have never attended a concert with the music traveling around like that...must have been wonderful. xo