Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Fifteen Minutes
While sitting on a stoop in the East Village
just listening as people passed by:

"It took me over an hour! I'm SO tired."
(both were limping-walking slowly)

"So tell me, do you still have those eyes?"
(talking on her cell-playfully)

"Yeah, I FOUND it!"
(talking on her cell-very happy)

Her tee shirt said "F--k You 2" in huge pink letters.
(both were sullenly plodding)

"Of course I've eaten there. It's very good."

"Good Afternoon" one said to me, smiling.
I replied "Good afternoon to you too."
(three of us smiling)

"I told him, I correct your stupid work so you can leave
and get a better job than me!"

Everyone is a story.
Every story has it's reasons.
I looked up and saw a rainbow waving in the breeze.
Then went on my way and caught the bus to home.

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Anonymous said...

pure poetry. pure Michelle. thank you for your windows into NYC and into the very center of a moment.