Saturday, July 23, 2016


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 Hudson River
Blue enhanced and surreal. Let's just say it's how I feel.

Last Blooming Roses
We're having a real heat wave.

Bus Reader
 Even she seemed surreal.

Surreal Estate
How real can you get? This elaborate, ornate, Gothic gem of a property at 281 Park Avenue South used to house social service organizations among other businesses. Now it's for sale as the flagship headquarters of some willing super entity.
Appropriately they are advertising their availability in the unfinished lobby with this arresting display:
 Bizarre, life size latex sculptures...
 haunting the haunted house.

Political Vision Airy
Apparently Surrealism has returned with melting clocks that don't tell time, and time itself in retrograde sliding off the periodic table. The unconscious is having a fling with us, or are we only dreaming? What labyrinth is this? Is it a moon or simply another mirage
(Link to Periodic Tables)
 Wishing you all sufficient means and Peace of mind.


Park Avenue Property

Title References

Entertaining article from The Guardian

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