Friday, July 29, 2016


The Victorian Calendar a friend left to me consisted of four discrete panels, Spring-Summer-Winter-Fall, each represented by a romantic vision of a seasonal Goddess, but what was most interesting was the designation of dates different from our current understanding:
Fall began with August when the harvest is ready,  Winter with November and the first frost, Spring with February when sap begins to rise and Summer with May when buds have blossomed. Perhaps the Victorians thought ahead because preparation was essential to survival.

(I may be misremembering, unfortunately I can't find the original and probably gave it away)
   In any case, farmers and gardeners are reporting this year as unusual weather wise, and as August approaches I'm already thinking of Fall.

 Meanwhile the heat wave broke into mild temperatures and balmy breezes.  With all windows open and only the fan on, Teddy sunbathed gratefully behind the money tree on our window-sill-beach, while I watched sunlight shadow-paint the floor.

 It was just that kind of day


Mo Crow said...

fall feeling there whilst the first jasmine is out this week here in the Land Down Under, the scent of spring!

jude said...

yes, i feel it too.

Nancy said...

Coolish morning here, before the full blast of heat! Love the idea of your calendar.