Wednesday, August 3, 2016



A bottle collector and a pretty woman
Bicycle, flowers, and garbage
 Mourning Dove searching for crumbs

The Thirteenth precinct hosts their "National Night Out Against Crime" anually with a big party in the playground on the corner--free Community information, food, music and lots of entertainment for kids
 Our congenial hosts
 Friend, neighbor and Caricaturist, Laurie
Friend and Caricaturist Fred

The Balloon Sculptor
Laurie and I danced a bit, but though the music was fine, our neighbors were shy, too busy eating, or standing in line with their kids for the very popular Caricaturists


 Deconstructing Cabrini Hospital where I was saved once, where a friend died peacefully in their compassionate Hospice, and all in order to make way for more high-priced Apartment living
 Many, many decades of funerals served but gone on to the West Village, and yet another High rise Condominium is on it's way replacing three stories with lots more
Seasons shifting with Roses coming and going...
 ...leaving Rose hips to ripen into the Fall.
I'm changing too.
Aren't you?

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