Saturday, September 17, 2016


It's physical, chronic, quite actual, and much too personal to share in detail, so I headed West for a moon view at 9PM.  I wandered , watched other humans interacting, listened to cicadas hidden in the foliage still calling out in the chill sixty degree air.  My thoughts drifted from dark to light and back again, but their song made me feel less alone, and deeply comforted.

"you must rise above
the gloomy clouds
covering the mountaintop
otherwise, how will you
ever see the brightness?"



Nancy said...

I thought of you tonight as I was out and about. Sending light and love for whatever it is that troubles you these days. I howled at the moon :) Did you hear me?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

How we are at a time in this LifeJourney where there's nothing to do
but learn. When it's not just temporary anymore, but requiring
deepening courage and deepening Love of a kind we never needed before

Peggy said...

If I can help in anyway, Michelle, please let me know. I could help research supportive herbs, for any case I am thinking of you, hope you are feeling well in this moment. And then the next moment and on and on, moment by moment. And as Byron Katie says, even the worst moments are bearable. But of course I don't know how you're really feeling. Sending my love...Peggy

deemallon said...

hope today was better... (Michelle) holding you close

Ms. said...

I have ups and downs days as we all do...but your love and concern is balm and delight to me. I thank you from my truest heart place, and assure you I'm essentially all right and managing pretty well.