Thursday, September 1, 2016


The Four Vows

Numberless beings, I vow to serve them

Inexhaustible delusions, I vow to end them

Boundless Dharmas, I vow to practice them

Unattainable Buddha Way, I vow to embody it

Absolute Fall
by Mary Jo Salter

How hard it is to take September
straight—not as a harbinger
of something harder.

Merely like suds in the air, cool scent
scrubbed clean of meaning—or innocent
of the cold thing coldly meant.

How hard the heart tugs at the end
of summer, and longs to haul it in
when it flies out of hand

at the prompting of the first mild breeze.
It leaves us by degrees
only, but for one who sees

summer as an absolute,
Pure State of Light and Heat, the height
to which one cannot raise a doubt,

as soon as one leaf's off the tree
no day following can fall free
of the drift of melancholy.

from A Kiss in Space. © Knopf, 1999.

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deemallon said...

the poem captures todays mood...