Sunday, October 2, 2016


What I've been doing, where I've gone, what I've re-read and written

“In a non-traditional culture such as ours, dominated by technology, we value information far more than we do wisdom. But there is a difference between the two. Information involves the acquisition, organization, and dissemination of facts; a storing-up of physical data. But wisdom involves another equally crucial function: the emptying and quieting of the mind, the application of the heart, and the alchemy of reason and feeling.”
-Ram Das- 

Wednesday I sent a tiny Red String Cloth Note to a Friend...

Shot this Manhattan Bus-stop Selfie

Thursday I visited Viridian Art Gallery
...also the Atlantic Gallery:

I don't remember much of Friday.  I know I read blogs, posted at face book, cooked and ate and slept, but I Shuffled myself out and up to Lincoln Center on Saturday
visited the Shop...
R. Nemo Hill...
had a hit of sweetness from Julio M. Peria and...
Shot his beautiful Indigo hands.
Another Bus stop--Now you see me...
Now you don't.

Sunday was a necessary day of rest. I took no photographs, but here's the Animal Blessings at St. John the Divine
from another year

As In The Beginning, So Too The End

This blue marble suspended in space, how it rotates on an axis while orbiting its course, our perception that the sun sinks, and the moon rises, while gravity holds us all in it's thrall...
As in the beginning, so too the end.

The odor of the plants as we do yard work, the feeling of dirt in our hands when we turn it, our own pungent animal, sweat mingles with earth, the sweet air, and colors of sky...
As in the beginning, so too the end.

Thoughts still popping up for consideration, like hot tarts from the overheated mind hearth, always cooking up, or stirring up some new brew made of memory, and conjecture....
As in the beginning, so too the end.

Oh, the blessed moments that surprise, when we are so completely present-captured, that thought itself stands stark, suddenly still, as if nothing would ever move again...
As in the beginning, so too the end.



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beautiful reflections