Sunday, October 9, 2016


Messages from the Universe?
Stood-up twice in three days!
"Enter each day with the expectation that the happenings of the day may contain a clandestine message addressed to you personally."

The message is It's not personal,
it just is what is.


Visit to the Museum of The City of New York. My friend, preoccupied with serious health issues, 'forgot' our date. I had a quiet, uncrowded and enjoyable look for myself and the weather was fine.
"Gay Gotham"
(some selects)

Second Floor
Larry Rivers painting of Frank O'Hara
 Cowboys and Girls
 Photographers, Socialites and Painters
 Alfred Stieglitz, Mercedes de Acosta, Georgia O'Keefe
 Mercedes de Acosta
 Gumby Book Studio

The Cafe
(View of Central Park)

New Acquisitions
(not part of the show)


Third Floor

Andy Warhol Screen Tests

 "The Last Supper of Uncle Tom's Cabin" and
"The Promised Land"
Mark Ryder
 Scenes from the Dance
Bill T. Jones
 Robert Mapplethorpe
 Mario Montez backstage at the Bowery Lane
"Palm Casino Review"
I was a part of that review, tap dancing with a tall Texan and singing "I'm Like A Fish Out of Water"

After Stonewall

Andy Warhol
There's so much--features 225 pieces of work produced by various LGBTQ artists; many are iconic, others, lesser known, and some anonymous--more details Here

Couple with a Parrot
(Passers by on Fifth Avenue)
 Reflection Selfie on the Bus Home

A Garden Variety Poetry and Prose Reading
Avenue B at 6th Street
Worried about the weather, the organizer waited till 9:45 this morning to confirm, so I arrived at the scheduled time only to find out it was cancelled an hour before the show while I, sans smartphone, was in transit.
Took some photographs:
The fallen Willow
Still Blooming
 Guardian Goat
 Red Bird and Fresh Greens
 Montauk Daisies
(one of my very favorite late blooming perennials)
The shortest of the Poems I would have read from my Seasons Series

October Hunters Moon

Hunger fuels
desire - finds
a blade - sparks
the fire - burns
the fodder - 'til it is
well done.


sydney smith said...

Thank you....thank you so much.

So many of just the everyday Queers that worked, and suffered unknown seem pushed aside in favor of so-called stars. When it was our constant work in danger that got us what little for now have.

We were never heroes. just the everyday soldiers of change...not totally forgotten.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

need to stay in this post for a while