Wednesday, November 2, 2016


November first marks the New Year on the Celtic calendar. 'Samhain' means November, a moment ripe for Resolution.
What might I resolve?

I would like to resolve that I will no longer post any political messages on my Face book page and no more posts with nasty violence against innocent folks. But after much thought, I could not decide to do that.  Some things just seemed too important not to share regardless of whether we are all just preaching to the choir, and even if no one is reading my particular posts other than Google.  Virtual friends are very rewarding in providing perspectives that enrich and inform me.  I would like to resolve to read less news from fewer sources, but that would be a waste of time because I need to know.

So what can I resolve?  To concentrate on more actual events and reduce my active participation in the virtual ones?  But much of the actual of our wide, wide world comes to me over virtual media from virtual sources.  And what about the art, poetry and literature I would miss?  No, I will continue participating in the virtual so long as I can afford my internet connection and electrical bill, this old laptop hangs on way past it's warranty, arthritic fingers can still type, my aging brain can construct full sentences, eyes can see and thoughts don't disappear entirely in one of those meditations I attend. Might I resolve to erase the conflict this proposes to my psyche? 
I'll try.

I could resolve to clear out the accumulations in my real space and mean it, despite the fact that I've been picking away at the problem for at least the last ten years.  I could also resolve to become better at self regulation, get on a more reasonable schedule, eliminate all my lazy and unhealthy habits, but everyone knows that no resolution is worth salt unless it's goal is simple, specific and predictably reachable. There's a few that immediately come to mind, but I'm not ready to commit so I'll shut up about them until I am. So what will I resolve?

I'll resolve to flow on then, fall free
until this river takes me out to sea


Mo Crow said...

"just going" as Jude says

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i love this Michelle...and just the taking of stock is well worth
it, to look things in the face that we might often just glance at
out of the corner of our eye...see them for what they are. Which is
no more and no less than what they are.
and then sail on

Deb G said...

I always struggle with how to balance looking far enough and widely enough and how to not look too far, to keep parameters that I can manage. Maybe it is about learning to let go.