Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Personal History
(Representing Decades)
Bella Abzug, Geraldine Ferraro,
Womens Equal Rights, Hillary Clinton
1991 March on Washington,
Fight Racism-Sexism-Anti Gay Bigotry
Anti Nuclear, Martin Luther King Jr., Clean Air,
Jesse Jackson, Miriam Friedlander
El Salvador, Pink Triangle,
Equal Rights Ammendment

Bread not Bombs,
Housing as Human Right

November 8, 2016
My Voting Place
"No Loitering-No Electioneering"
I Voted Democratic on the Working Families Line
All Judges are Running Unopposed
4PM the Moon at 68% of Full
Now we wait.
After waiting we get back to work on this enterprise...Right?


Judy Martin said...

we are all watching this election - Canada is watching.

Nancy said...

Watching, then not with knots in my stomach. So interesting to see all of your buttons (I mostly had goofy ones) and ballot (looks so different here)