Sunday, November 20, 2016


IF only I were not as mortal as I am. If WE were only not their fools and THEY (the famous they) were not so very precisely what they are, IF hyperspace were a skill that could be mastered--flight MIGHT be an option. If only that, THEN relief could follow quick enough. If only, only THESE things were true, TIME would lay down it's arms, clocks stop ticking, beings cease rushing, and grabbing.

The 2016 Lunar Phases Calendar ends when November ends. It was a gift from Peggy dear of Woman with Wings

These little Organic Potatoes will be transformed into finger food treats by being roasted in garlicky butter for a friends Thanksgiving I'll be attending this coming week. I think of Grace Forest, her Thanksgiving preparations for her friend's imminent visit.

I sit staring here at this framed flyer from "Will Beauty Save The World?", a poetry show we did years ago--that deer antler, found on the forest floor during a visit upstate decades ago--the books and cards from friends; think about each of them, picturing them until thinking evaporates into just being.

Returning to nourishment, I process arugula with lemony vinegar until it's green goop, add a dash of stevia, a few pinches of salt, bottle and store it in the fridge to spread on toast in days to come.

Thanksgiving in Massachusetts
 Two years ago.

My all time favorite Thanksgiving desert
New England Indian Pudding

May you be happy


Deb G said...

And you as well...

Nancy said...

May you be happy and well as well Michelle.

Mo Crow said...

Thank you for holding space up there in the city that never sleeps