Sunday, November 13, 2016


Super Moon
(two full moons in the same month)
Our little planet is orbiting toward the event which is expected to reach the peak of its full phase on the morning of November 14 at 8:52am EST (1352 GMT)
 (this was the full Harvest moon of August)
This moon will be closer to earth than any time in the last seventy years we're told, so I got to thinking about what the world was like seven decades ago
(I was just three years old with Dad's Mother-my Nana in the back photo, and 
my little Mom aged seven or eight sometime in the twenties on the right)

World Events Seventy Years Ago
(a few examples with some links if you care to pursue them)

1. First meeting of United Nations General Assembly opens in London (Jan. 10):
Founded after World War II by 51 "peace-loving states" combined to oppose future aggression. 
2. The League of Nations international organization, established by the peace treaties
that ended World War I dissolved (April).
3. Italy abolishes monarchy (June).
4. The Philippines gains independence from the United States (July 4).
5. 12 Nazi leaders (including 1 tried in absentia) are sentenced to hang, 7 imprisoned, and 3 acquitted in the Nuremberg trials (Oct. 1)
Background: Defining Genocide.
 6. Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech warns of Soviet expansion
Background: The Cold War.
7. Juan PerĂ³n becomes president of Argentina.
(More Here)

New York New York
(fifteen minutes of marching music, men, machines and one dog)
The New York City Victory Parade of 1946, held on January 12th to celebrate the conclusion of the Second World War was led by 13,000 men of the 82nd Airborne Division under General James M. Gavin, followed by a detachment of Sherman tanks, jeeps, and self-propelled howitzers, accompanied by a fly-by of glider towing C-47's. It began at Washington Square and marched up Fifth Avenue, and was reported to be four miles long. Present at the parade were New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey, New York City Mayor William O'Dwyer, and former New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.

  A View From Then

(twenty three minute key to family, gender roles and middle class expectations)

It might rain here from Monday into Tuesday, in which case I'll have to content myself with this video and let it inspire me to invest in some personal time making moon cloths, paintings, poems and stories.  If I had a still I might even make moonshine.

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