Saturday, January 14, 2017


 Almost half way through January and I am finally looking back, perhaps because looking forward is a continual horror show about how inconsistency is the one constant we can trust in this furious future bearing down upon us much too fast.
From New York City to be with friends in Massachusetts
19th December to 30th December

...picking up speed
Three hours later--a sunset arrival
slowing down...
...clickety clacking to a full stop.
I'm picked up, welcomed and driven to the house where I climb the stairs and deposit my bags on the guest room bed just off this room with it's perches for felines and books familiar to every visitor.

Morning Window
Stick sculpture
My reflection
Paper- white Narcissus
Old Milk-glass Treasure
The Core Family at the beginning
The Holiday Tree ready for family and friends
Prize Poinsietta
Peace is our intention

Orange Cats
...and there

More to come.........


Nancy said...

Loved the train ride! Looks like a lovely, peace-filled time Michelle.

Mo Crow said...


Anonymous said...

love the reflection/self portrait... and the blue bottles caught my eye!