Thursday, March 9, 2017


 After a full weekend of severe discomfort friends I'm here to report that I have begun a new Rx medication, and though I'm not glad to be resorting to this route, I am glad that it has the potential of stabilizing my distress.  It will take a few months to have any definitive result, and diet will be a part of the treatment. The no fiber diet I've been on since diagnosis last July, according to the most current research, may not be the optimal choice.  A gluten free diet has been known to be effective.  The two are in conflict and I need to resolve that.  If you wish any more boring details see the links at the bottom.

Doctors appointment.  I was entertained by this design magazine while I waited.  This lucky fellow inherited his grandparents estate outside Florence, Italy.

 A carved stone at the Doctors office.
Of course I forgot to ask about the Chinese symbol.

Just having a treatment available made me feel so much better.  I took this 'selfie' in the office after my appointment. Can you sense the relief?
While walking back East toward home I had a playful encounter with this dapper salesman through the window of one of those furniture design showrooms that is perpetually empty.  I had stopped to take a photo of the setting when he entered the frame and I mimed that I wanted to take a shot in case he wanted to move away.  Instead, he was delighted and we mimicked each others gestures for several minutes and ended with a bow.  The security guard stepped in too. There are multiple reflections ghosting giving the image a surreal cast.
This was the place
Another design showroom across the street had this setting which I found most disconcerting and know I would never be comfortable in a room dominated by a headless, arm less woman with drip marks and scars. Would you?
Further East on Park Avenue these building painters caught my eye
They've whited out the last advertisement that was there in preparation for some new image to be applied. Tiny workers on a big job. Risky business.

I rested and posted about International Women's day, then spent time at the Zendo meditating.

I slept a lot, made soup, watched an old movie, read my news pages, answered emails and posted a few things at face book.  Now I'm going to read some favorite blogs, drink anti-inflammatory tea and curl up under the comforter waiting for the snow and chill.



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Nancy said...

Sending you lots of love Michelle (((hugs)))
I'm so sorry for your discomfort, but I appreciate the education.

Anonymous said...

You do look relieved. Hope next steps improve things. Will you try gluten free? Really hope you feel better soon. (Love pix of men painting the side of the building)