Tuesday, March 21, 2017

LIFE AT "SICK' + Middle of the night ADDENDUM

Sick bed with "Ted"
This morning the fever subsided and I spent an hour or more on the phone between three different offices.  My GP downtown (clinic I've used for decades) set an appointment for full physical the 31st, trying also to get her to refer me to the radiology at Phillips who won't give me an appointment to look at the leg without one, and found that all the paperwork from Dr. Eng never reached them so called Dr. Eng and hopefully that will be done..It's daunting but I'm sure most folks dealing with the Medical machine know.  The rest of the day sleep, drinking lots of water and chamomile tea

Tiny Television
(uncovered for company, sometimes without sound)
 Roseanne as Comfort Food

Too foggy for reading, even for listening to audio books.
Kept falling asleep.
Milk and rice with yogurt lunch.
Supper--chicken soup mostly broth, and another hot pack.
So goes March for me

Can't sleep so tried Albinoni's Adagios but then got up to post this.
Maybe sleep now


Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) sending big hugs through the ether with hope the spring is back in your step very soon!

Stephanie Jo said...

A nice teddy to keep you company always helps. I hope that you soon feel very well.

Marti said...

Continued thoughts that soon you will have answers Michelle.On my altar, I have a recycled green glass candle holder from Spain. It has 7 places for 7 candles. This morning all were lit as I spoke your name in my daily blessing ritual and this will continue.

deemallon said...

I, too, will say your name today. Is anyone checking in on you?

Nancy said...

(((Michelle))) I'm glad that you were able to make some calls and get that ball rolling, a bit better. That alone is a good thing. I wish I was nearby to check on you, but I will hold you in my thoughts and heart...and check in on you daily in the web places.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

am here.