Sunday, March 5, 2017


The shadow knows.

Can anyone really discover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
(Bus-stop Signage from The New York Times)

Just a few days before on the altar at the Zendo the simple truth of this single flower.

While walking home Wednesday, a balmy evening, these Lenten Rose were blooming behind a fence announcing Spring truthfully.
(see link)

The truth of my joy in listening.

Body Truth
I've been laid up in bed since Friday when the temperature plunged from 70 to 19 degrees.  My chronic condition, diagnosed in July of 2016 (see link if you wish details), rose up and attacked, so I'm feasting on white rice and broth, and even resorted to an over the counter medication that may put things back in order.  I've been treating it with just a fiber free diet recommended by the Mayo clinic and, for the most part it's been okay.  But now and then it flares. Sleep, of course, is my first defense.
(Jackie Morris ink in my hallway)

Sunday Concert
This will be true if I am recovered enough to accept the gift my friend Michael, a participating member of the Chorale, has secured for me:

"Seeing Double: Music for Double Choir"
The concert's centerpiece--20th-century Swiss composer Frank Martin’s luminously beautiful, at-times insanely challenging, and rarely performed Mass for Double Choir a cappella. It was an intensely personal work for the composer--alternately grand and intimate, and powerful and pleading. Featured pieces will also include selections from Felix Mendelssohn's Drei Psalmen (op. 78) and Dreamscape, a lush, haunting and ethereal setting of the words of Edgar Allan Poe, by our Artistic Director Colin Britt. 

Lenten Rose
Chronic Condition


Mo Crow said...

Tenderly Gently Be Well Michelle

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes, as Mo says, tenderly and gently