Saturday, May 20, 2017


by Mary Oliver

"Some things, say the wise ones who know everything,
are not living. I say,
You live your life your way and leave me alone.

I have talked  with the faint clouds in the sky when they
are afraid of being left behind. I have said, Hurry, hurry!
and they have said, Thank you, we are hurrying.

About cows, and starfishes, and roses there is no
argument. They die, after all.

But water is a question, so many living things it it,
but what is it itself? Oh, gleaming

generosity, how can they write you out?

As I think this I am sitting on the sand beside
the harbor. I am holding in my hand
small pieces of granite, pyrite, schist.
Each one, just now, so thoroughly asleep." 

Bob and Sophie
(just a screen shot) 
To quote my favorite Polish Sheep-dog blog:
('Bob' is one of the two dogs and 'Angus' is his 'master')
"Bob and his master discuss the American Presidents claims that no politician in history has been treated worse or more unfairly. Angus tells Bob about the Emperor Valerian who was captured in battle, enslaved, used as a foot-stool, forced to drink molten gold and then skinned and stuffed. Bob ponders this tale in silence."
(see link to see the original + more)

Remember "Woodstock" Lyrics

  From a Prompt
(beast released from cage)
it begins Here, is edited, typed and edited again until it is a story.


Thursday above a local Church under a HOT 90 degree sun Obscured briefly by Clouds mid afternoon.

Meet with possible new doctor at the
Hillman Family Practice Clinic Friday
 Arrived for my 2:15 appointment at 2PM--Filled out extensive paper work, had a nurse take my vitals, tested my own blood pressure machine against theirs and found it is defective. Then I agreed to an interview with two last year Pharmacy Students from St. John's doing a kind of internship. It was interesting. Then came the waiting. I met Dr. Finn at 4PM and she spent a lot of time with me. We tested my BP machine again and she agreed. Dr. Finn said I don't really have any worries over BP but suggested Curcumin. I left at 5PM.
Passing through the Farmers Market on the way home, I lngered a while with Nasturtiums. They had a great deal to tell - all 'secrets'.


Polish Sheep Dog Blog Post


Mo Crow said...

so are you feeling better Michelle?

Nancy said...

A little bit of everything! Hope you are feeling better!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

interesting...curcumin...really interesting ...from have been using turmeric, have you not? i think? And now your bp is nothing to be concerned about??? There are always more questions than answers, but the Mary O...
which collection is this from? How does she ALWAYS KNOW the right words in the right order...I could not love anyone more than her

Anonymous said...

what an impossibly long wait! My blood pressure would've been through the roof if I had waited that long -- glad blood pressure isn't a problem. are you going to share the typed response to the prompt?