Friday, June 2, 2017


It's just a fact. I'm not complaining.
Lately I've been living a 'Day for Night' reality. Film makers know that's when you shoot scenes at night but light them to appear as day.  It's usually used to make shooting in heavily trafficked conditions that would be impossible to shoot otherwise. That may even figure into why this has come about, Manhattan can be extremely stressful when it's up and running at full speed. Everywhere, technology appears on the streets promising connections many will not necessarily find useful. We miss the old businesses and familiar faces in these up-scaling days
It has gotten so much worse in the past few years and since I'm not the young and ready for anything I used to be, I think I'm just avoiding the effort. I keep my shoes and my rainbow purse near the bed just in case I have to get out in a hurry, which is always a possibility.
My circadian rhythm has gotten on this track and I'm trying to coax it to change while my favorite monkey friend looks on sympathetically.  Of course, reliable "Teddy'" is always nearby for comfort.
Tapping into Zen practice weekly helps keep me sane.
The drum beats as we chant in unison, then silence.
After, I stop by the altar that honors departed benefactors and members.  There on the lower right is my friend and writing buddy Kalinda whose third round of cancer took her away recently. You may recognize others there (yes, that's Phyllis Diller on the upper right).
 I shopped at Trader Joe then on 6th Avenue, and wandered around the corner to a famous graveyard:
"Shearith Israel’s third cemetery was consecrated at 21st Street just west of 6th Avenue in 1929."
 (See link)

At home one rose bud from my river walk exudes  its delicious aroma still.
Life and Death Forever and Ever


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Mo Crow said...

I love the peaceful quiet of 2am til just before dawn when the hum of the inner city calms down to just the occasional siren and the mumblings of the late night wanderers