Friday, June 16, 2017



Calming Chaos
Curing Crisis
Concentrating Concern
Focusing Concentration and Sharpening Perception
We are only ever actually Living in the Moment
In the Moment Choices are Available
Two hours of Zen practice

On a mission to pick up a blue-light-protective-screen delivered to a friend who has a door man down off Washington Square
"The Alamo"
The Old is Reflected on the New
Portal to Washington Mews
(dreams of living in a little house)
A resident with her wonderful rescue dogs
(I miss having companion animals)
Passion Flower Vine

Around to Fifth Avenue where the doorman has my package
(the upshot further on)
Heading back uptown walking slowly along University Place passing the restaurant where my friend Amy and others often shared celebrations years past
 to 14th Street with a stop at Trader-Joe for just a few items. I noted a total of five homeless during the time I was out. This woman sitting in the Buddah way was silent in meditation.  
This fellow was trying to nap.

One man standing and pacing in this group was declaiming about his situation on a cell while two others were camping out on the ground
This young woman is one I've talked to before. She's drug free and sober, married to a homeless fellow for many years, briefly homeless previously and now again for almost a year. They camp out together with their two beautiful well kept cats. The one city shelter that allows companion animals is only for abused women and kids in Brooklyn. Another woman is talking with her and offering help.

then slow walk up to 18th and cut across to Stuyvesant park for a short visit, and up to 21st Street

At home I anxiously opened my package but was disappointed. I will have to seek remedy when the friend who arranged the delivery for me returns from her family weekend.
They promised me a 14.33 by 8.25 Blue Light Screen Protector, but it just measures 12 across and so....and so, even though delivery was speedy, it won't do.
 Amazon was the source for the order.

Lovely Sunset and Mild Temperature


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Mo Crow said...

so sad that around the world there are so many people without a place to call home