Friday, June 9, 2017


Saturday June 3rd
I should have taken some photographs of the food and beverage offerings which were so much more than abundant that, even with forty or so guests coming and going, eating and drinking from early afternoon to midnight, there was enough left to satisfy the need of forty more for another week.
A few of the guests:

John Marcus Powell...
...and Walter.
Adriana emerging from the garden.
'Pink' Eva with Ajnas (red sneakers) new lens.
(see Ajnas photos at link
Gerlinda and Tatiana
Catherine peeking in with her new love and dear dog
Jo Marie and Olga
Walter Ancarrow and...
Walter A. again.
Cutting two buttermilk blueberry cakes Julio made
Nemo and Jude Hill in the background
The cake toppers representing the wedded couple and their two witnesses (Jude and Ajna)-the ceremony took place on the beach at Fire Island June 1st.

Julio and Nemo with Jee

Julio, Julius, Joe and Nemo

Jude said,  "and. the winner is................"
(it was me!)
The garage angel thought things went very well.
Bright night. The moon appeared like a hovering fairy. Euphoria. 
Oh, and what a wonderful sleep I had.

Just a few of the wonderful gifts:
From Meredith Bergman

Ganesh from Catherine and her new love. Collage from Doug.


Sunday June 4th
5AM and I was the first one up.
I made two pots of coffee and snacked on a pastry
Then out to fill the bird feeder.
A stroll in the garden
False Indigo

Orange Poppies
Multi colored pansies
Classic purple Iris
Wild Geranium
Front corner

Yellow Roses
7:30 Sunrise
Selfie reflection on the left and ? on the right
Tent and lights down and folded.
Ready for the weekend at Lincoln Center Craft Show
(see link)
Ajna, Julio and Nemo taking a well deserved pause.
Peaceful home
Back to Work

Parting Shots

...with additions pinned on

Julio drove me to the train Mid afternoon...

...and I was home in my apartment by 5:30.


Photos by Ajna Lichau

Lincoln Center Crafts Show


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Love is such a Fine Fine Thing

jude said...

You got some great pics. I ended up mostly just looking...

Mo Crow said...

"I dream of a world where love is the answer" a line form a new song by Old Man Crow

Nancy said...

Beautiful! And that moon shot is magical!