Thursday, July 27, 2017


the Moving Pen Weekly Workshop
July 24th 2017
Prompt Part One
"Make a list of shiny things"
(5 minutes later we read our lists out loud)
Part 2
"Write in any form using one or more shiny things from any of the lists."
(20 minutes later 7 entirely different pieces were read and I will share what I wrote then as soon as I've completed transcription)

by Ms.
"A tiny girl walking home with her big plush bear strapped to her back caught my eye.  "What a beautiful bear! May I take a photograph?" She tilted her head and looked sceptically back at me. "Turn your head away" I suggested "then no one will see your face."  She flashed a shiny toothed grin my way and did just that."

Continuing the Theme

Real estate high rollers and their shiny Dreams
Shiny moments like Paintings
Romantic Light that shines at Night
Light Shines for Everyone
 A Neighborhood Mural shines for Everyone
Absolutely Everyone
Last not Least
 They call themselves the Shiny Gang
(Teddy and his friend--Little Bear Rabbit, with Hanuman, Dolly Dearest and Chicken Rat)

Chris Pierce and Sunny War perform a cover of Blind Willie Johnsons "Let It Shine On Me" at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood, California June 11, 2017


The Amherst Method
In 2013 in Berkeley, California, poet, memorist and librettist Pat Schneider discusses the deep principles and origins of her groundbreaking writing workshop method.

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Liz A said...

Your post prompted me to look up this video of Texas Hill Country song-spinner Walt Wilkins who wrote "Watch it Shine" ... I especially like the lyric "stars are in my blood"