Saturday, August 19, 2017


Quan Yin
(Compassion meditation for my sweet friend far away experiencing some stress)
 Shadow of Peace Cranes at New York Center for Contemplative Care
When I posted these two on Face book I wrote:
Interesting how I can feel deeply sad, yet still sincerely smile at every passer by whose eye makes contact, inhale gratefully the scent of night blooming moon flowers in passing, love the glow of one more sinking sun on the horizon line several city blocks away, am quickened by the soft touch of a slight breeze as the planet shifts, then inwardly bowed to the bus driver who waited while I fumbled with my change in those new machines and was fascinated by the variety of beings who shared my trip from West to East. How feeling all that in just one short hour I discovered that feeling deeply sad need not be sad.

The Cell
A performance space and salon at 338 West 23rd Street
I want to find an opportunity to check this out.

Books Appear
Nancy Erisman sent two special books that used to belong to her mother along with a wonderful blessing note - "I have a special guardian angel. I am divinely guided and protected at all times"
Then -Three favorite authors chosen..books from the Zendo that 'Needed a home''
Steven Fry
"The Ode Less Taken"
(26 minutes)

Maurice Sendak
His last Interview
(5 minutes)

Annie Dillard
(1 minute)

When I took this fourth one, Sensei Chodo said
"Are you really going to read that?"
(700 pages + extensive notes)
 I figure I will be reading for the next year at least!
 Six years ago he gave us "Happiness", a bestseller that has helped millions lead more satisfied lives. Now Matthieu Ricard, the French molecular biologist turned Buddhist monk, returns with the groundbreaking "Altruism", which shows that altruism is more than a lofty ideal-it’s a quality that resides within us all. And if we tap into it, we can change our world today. Here in conversation with Richard Gere-actor, activist and Buddhist.
(1 hour and 33 minutes)

A bouquet for Pams Birthday

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Mo Crow said...

love how there is always beauty to be found even in these dark strange days for our planet, you say it well