Sunday, August 27, 2017


International Center for Photography
The Museum
Sponsored by the Creative Center for Arts in Healthcare
Magnum Photos Exhibition
Thursday August 24th
Entrance Agreement
We gather in the lobby.
Eventually we were twenty so broke into two groups for the tour
 Time Line
The photographs are projected around two walls
 In the Lobby
Books on Sale
 Caught my eye but I did not record the artist, had to keep up with our group
 A favorite of mine (not a Magnum photographer) but I am subscribed to his posts on blogger and sometimes post them to Face book. He is astounding.
 A wall at the exhibition
Our wonderful Tour Leader in the back was very informative
Suddenly my shutter got stuck
 There's a fine film in one room where Magnum photographers comment on the Agency and photos are shown. A photographer sneaks a shot of the screen...
...this is what he was shooting
Stopped by what's left of this Historic Garden at the corner of Houston Street and Third Avenue
 The Arbor
(in need of repair)
 City plants stretch to reach the light
A blissfully quiet spot near the carp pool
There was a friendly turtle too
 Good Advice
 I took a night time jaunt to the newest stretch of the High line Friday, but I think I should save that for another post. Enough is enough for now.


International Center for Photography

Magnum Photo Agency Site


Liz Christie Community Garden


Mo Crow said...

love the photo by Steve McCurry of the angel and the broom. that book would be a treasure

jude said...

had yo keep up with the group made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

always a good tour of life/art here. I really like the 'shutter stuck' shot, with its black corners.

Unknown said...
Not sure if I did this right but oh my goodness Michelle ... I started out trying to message you for some reading suggestions that could maybe help me toward climbing myself out of this restless place I find myself. So how exactly it happened I ended up finding and listening for the past hour to James Hillman talking about The Red Book. Wow it is like he was answering so many of my questions helping me find understanding to my feeling ... showing me a way to lift myself up and out.
Wow .. it has left me feeling full.
Thank you ... thank you ... thank you! Have a wonderFULL day!

Ms. said...

Tina...I'm glad you found James Hillman. I'm surprised to find a face book cross over to the blog but it makes sense. How vast our connections. You can listen to a good deal more Hillman on You Tube. We are all trying to hold ourselves up, or pull ourselves up into the light these dark days...but, since darkness is a part of light not necessarily it's opposite...we might consider ourselves in realistic balance all the time.