Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Rain was predicted and the sky was dark.
I got ready to be within this rainy day in a rainy day way.
Then the sun came out, confusing me.

 Not that I expect the weather to fulfill my expectations.
I know it's not personal, so who am I to have expectations.
Warmth and light flooded the front room, I responded,
adjusting my sight and my attitude, shifting gears
just in time for light's demise again.
Meanwhile Mexico has had another earthquake 
Magnitude 7.1- 23 miles from Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico
2:14 PM

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'All Songs Considered'
"In a new video for Leonard Cohen's "Leaving The Table," an animated paper cutout of the late singer dances and flies over a city-scape of Montreal, free as a bird, untethered from the mortal world."I'm leaving the table," he sings as the animated Cohen spins, dips and flits by scenes from his past life. "I'm out of the game-I don't know the people- In your picture frame." It's a tribute that's both heartbreaking and beautiful, revealing an artist who left the world content that he'd lived every moment to his fullest."
"The video, conceived and directed by Christopher Mills, premiered at last night's Polaris Music Prize ceremony. "Leaving The Table" is from Cohen's You Want It Darker, released in October 2016, just days before the his death."