Thursday, November 9, 2017



Monday night with my writing group downtown,
I wrote these lines in response to a prompt.
I wept when I read them aloud.
(Screen Shot--1st Baptist, Southerland Springs, Texas)
This Child
(for Anabelle Pomeroy)

Motionless now
                under the conflicted sky.
Blood drying
                 tears receding
Along the sharp line
                 where an emerging
Golden sun rising
                 dropped purple shrouds
Falling back into the sea
                 back before we
Swam up on  to land
                 before we took to flight
Before this child,
                  just fourteen, dreamed
She was roller skating
                  right to the edge of somewhere,
Spread her arms, then floating
                  off her mattress
Sailed up through the roof of a country church
                  which dissolved completely.
You know, the way dreams do,
                  she felt the thrill of
Unexpected ascension, so much holier
                  than Holy Mother Mary.
Entirely without shame this child, bursting,
                  sang out loud.
While the choir applauded in unison
                  white light spread
Everywhere, until that's all
                  there was to see--
Till even the brightest stars could
                  not outshine her.

The Story

Tuesday it was off to get an x-ray of my right ribs.
an accident at home: in a stupid moment reaching down over a wooden arm chair to retrieve a fallen pen and -crack-but it took a few days to really exhibit it's effect and I suddenly couldn't breathe.
(reading available while I waited)
 Kids camping out at the subway entrance
 Then I crossed through the park to
Dr. Robert Schiller
where the x-ray pictures were read and interpreted:
Not a fracture, just a badly bruised intercostal sheath which will take an estimated three weeks to a month of care, warmth and consciousness to heal. Okay.
Then the rains came, a regular deluge pouring from City skies.
Soaked when I reached my first location...
(Baruch College used to be the Childrens Court)
 ...where they couldn't find me on the books!
Trudged on to the right location a few blocks away to vote a straight Democratic slate.
My valiant struggle through the cold rain to register my vote did manage to push democrats over the fat heads of Republican punishers and was a definite mandate expressing rejection of the current National Administration, not that this Democratic gang are pure or perfect, but it's as good as we can manage for the moment,
a restraining wall at least.

At the Zendo Wednesday night
A loss Commemorated
Beloved 12 year old Cat
Carol and I walked together after the meditation


Liz A said...

your words ... thank you for your words

and I shake my head to clear my eyes ... how tragedy brings out the best in us, though we wish it could be otherwise

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your writing is Extraordinary

Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) namaste

Anonymous said...

and when it comes, it is magnificent! thoughts and wishes for the pain to subside...everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Your poem brings tears to my eyes too. Thanks Michelle.

Judy Martin said...

Everytime I come here, I feel hope for all of us.
You carry on.
You carry on, and you carry us.

love you xo