Sunday, November 5, 2017


My 'Front Yard'
Walk to Union Square
(color altered)
At night it lights up like a Ruby
Magnificent Maple
Listened to this wonderful musician
Union Square

Walking up Fifth Avenue, I stumbled upon this Google Pop-up store
displaying apps to explore and more
You can plug in to their Virtual Reality screens and ride for free
The front window decorated with an Eighties theme

Further on up Fifth Avenue
Victorias Secret
 displaying gifts for the Holiday
(seems the corset is back in a modern incarnation)

The light of sunset illuminates parts...
...against a storm threatening sky

Turning toward home, observed this
Shameless Hubris
 Long shot on East 21st Street
Home, with my street rescued discarded bouquet

This tree well feeder accommodates hungry doves

 Onward past an Irving Place small Hotel
 Buildings Shrouded in construction nets
  to the farmers market
Recycling food scraps...
...and wearable goods at Union Square
 What was once a famous Bank is now a Performance Space
Dappled clouds sweep across the sky
Vintage ford with Bicycle
I had a long conversation with a very nice man who survived two heart attacks. He was part of the crews setting up for a model shoot at the "Irving Plaza" - The Theater located at the southwest corner of Irving Place and East 15th Street in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan was built in 1888 and it served as a German language theater, a Yiddish theater, a burlesque house, a union meeting hall, a legitimate theater and a movie theater. Now, besides rentals, it's a live Music venue for rock and pop shows.

Cornerstone of the Welfare building
(someone left an unreadable message)
The Shrouded building again, against sky
One residential apartments building still has rose blooms
Across the street from my apartment
the School of Visual Arts new windowed atrium
One of the farmers I've known for years gave me an edible pumpkin I plan to halve Monday, clean seeds for drying, place halves face down in a pan of water to bake and then fill with seasoned rice and berries (yum)--Meanwhile it was movie night - "Ruby in Paradise" is the video we watched...see link.
with Ron Sherbet my neighbor of forty years.

Rainy day at home resting, playing with images on the leaf letters project with the TV on to marathon images without sound.
The starting line for the race began at the Western end of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on Staten Island. The finish line was in Central Park, just outside of Tavern on the Green. Later, the terrible news from Texas reached me. This light will burn all night in my front window for every grieving being.


Google Pop-up Store

"Ruby In Paradise"


Liz A said...

Thank you for the Friday sunset pictures (especially the first one)

and the Texas tragedy, far too close to home, left me recalling Hearts for Charleston (Dee Mallon) and all the losses since ... mourning that "we the people" still don't have a clue that much of this is preventable

Ms. said...

dear Liz...are you aware that the shooter was likely revenging a connected domestic situation?

Mo Crow said...

love your photos of the Big Apple & gosh 40 years living in one place, I have lived in over 50 houses in my 62 years on the planet!