Friday, December 22, 2017


She arrived safely with Tazmena, Tay and goats in tact at Oroville California (letter dated 12.16) and she'd been there a week. She won't be on the web for a while and the phone is ify, but she's happy and it's beautiful there "beyond words". She will send photos as soon as she can and I'm sure she's written to others as well.

I think I've had this fake Ivy wreath for at least ten years so it's hanging once again in the back alley window this year...but since I can't upload any new photos until the failure of my camera to computer connection gets resolved, I'm just accessing a past years photo already in my picture file, though this year the window is no where near so clean. My spirit may be high, but my cleaning standards have more than relaxed.
And this gorgeous pine cone tree is also at least a decade old but I know it sits on the table in Westfield today where my Massachusetts friends are gearing up to entertain family and friends for yet another Christmas. I just can't be there this year but we have spoken and cards have already arrived informing me that a gift box is on the way. No doubt it will be full of the specialties of the house like their homemade breads, special cookies, butter pickles and quince jam.
Christmas eve they will be watching one of the many Scrooge versions as they do every year. There is something about tradition that continues to be comforting. I may attend the Children's Mass at the church around the corner at 4PM because it's the most charming one and close to home. I've heard the weather is likely to be rainy, but I can always reference the snow of another year up there via the virtual

Or Taste again the treats of a past breakfasts there...and remember that pale sky while looking up the road that runs outside that venerable home where I've been so warmed and welcomed.
All's well
"Slumber My Darling"


Mo Crow said...

such good news!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Michelle! I hope you will share in my Massachusetts Christmas virtually as well!

Tina Zaffiro said...

Grateful for the good news about Grace ... sounds happy just how I have been imagining her being.

Maria Buysse said...

thank you for let us be part of the news Grace

Nanette said...

Wonderful to hear that snippet about her, thank you Michelle.