Sunday, December 17, 2017


"In all things of Nature, there is something of the marvelous"
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Saturday Home
Deer Antler
(found in the Catskill woods many decades ago)
The Day Outside
(dreary, damp and chilled)

First Chore
Made 20 copies of my Holiday Leaf Letter
Tomorrow I will add the text and Glitter

The lovely Lisette
(my always helpful friend at the local copy store)

I left the original in the machine but didn't discover that until after the store had closed until Monday. Sent an email so we shall see if it was saved
Next Chore
My local pharmacy carries homeopathic remedies I need and much more
(see link)
Gift Shop
Next door to the Pharmacy
Catholic church on the corner lit for Christmas
 Then some local food shopping, unpacking and storing, cooking rice, chicken and pears, doing accounts, answering emails and checking Facebook where the sad news that the long watch of many months is over for my dear friend and long time writing buddy, Barbara Hohenberg who posted a wonderful photo of Pierre at her Face book page


Aristotle Primer

Prohealth Pharmacy


yvette said...

Thank you,

Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) it's a hot & steamy dark moon night here in Sydney, enjoying the Silly Season & looking forward to the Solstice

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss Michelle. I’ve left originals on the glass more times than I care to remember. And then more recently, there was the leaving of my Daily Pages in the bathroom in a kitchen store in Boulder. Hope you are feeling much much better!

Ms. said...

The lovely lisette found my original first thing in the morning MO, put it in her safe drawer and I have it back. YY

Ms. said...