Saturday, April 21, 2018


From my neighborhood, within which there are many owned but hardly ever actually occupied condominiums, like this one where cleaners have been preparing for the owner or renter to return from Winter wandering leaving the proof as garbage at the curb.
 April 15th!
A friend on Face book said "When i lived in nyc trash was my friend, i was amazed at what people left on the side walk .if i could get it on the subway it was mine." I replied "Yes, in the days before so many tourists and constant rental short term folks, the days before bedbugs carried from suitcases of the wide worlds transient population, we furnished our apartments with rich folks cast away stuff and even got wonderful clothing items but no more. I've been in this apartment since 1969 but nothing, or near to nothing is even vaguely recognizable. Every day a new excavation, family business collapse and monster gigantic buildings of glass and steel rising 13 to fifty stories rise to the sky, blocking sun and wind. I'm only here out of economic necessity now, still protected by some elder tenant laws from being homeless like the oh so many others marginals."

'The Moving Pen' writing Group
1. About a Favorite possession bequeathed
2. About a balloon

I have a completely independent old LAND LINE but no telephone line this morning! Found out when I tried to phone the Super at 10:00 AM for him to come for a scheduled plumbing repair assessment. I keep an extra phone to plug directly into the Jack for checking if the problem is my Answer machine. Nope. I have no cell phone so knocked at the next door apartment and the cleaning lady let me use her cell to phone VERIZON who said there is no neighborhood problem listed. That means it's outside the apartment, either on the property or elsewhere in their system. They wanted to give me a Friday repair appointment until they realized I have disability status so they called around to their Manhattan repair guys but could only obtain an appointment tomorrow morning between 8AM and noon. There is nowhere they can phone me though because the cleaning lady will be gone. MODERN LIFE IN MANHATTAN on PLANET EARTH IS NOT NECESSARILY very MODERN or RELIABLE. The Spectrum/Time Warner cable hook up is working (at an enormous cost of $75.88 a month, which started at 29.99 for internet access alone and crept up with no additional services)--SO, I am not entirely without access to the wide wide world. But, I do no cash transactions on the web and continue to pay my bills by check walked to the local post office monthly. I am a kind of human dinosaur on the verge of extinction. Still smiling as I warm some soup for lunch :--> Smile is gone--2PM phoned again because the Super told me Verizon is in the buildings working on three other apartments without their they are now telling me they can't be here in the morning and the new appointment is 1 to 5PM! Had I not had one more use of the cleaning persons cell phone I wouldn't have known.

Telephone service restored
Super repaired shower
I was grateful twice
  Zendo in the evening; sitting, walking, chanting and snacks after.
I had a talk with Chododo Sensei and described my distress over lack of compassion for certain persons whose repetitive attitudinal scenarios rouse my anger. He smiled warmly and while making a circular gesture over his heart, said:
"Just try to make a little space for them." 

Visited the Stein Senior Center
Got my membership renewed and made an appointment to discuss some housing issues with the Social Worker.
 Noticed a pair of Sketchers at the Thrift Shop
Got them cheap

Very nourishing visit with Barbara (recovering from knee surgery and her sister Maggi come to aid in her healing
Tea, snacks, talk and laughter

Walked home on Broadway
Grace Church

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