Sunday, April 1, 2018


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March 29th
Visiting Barbara
(after successful knee surgery)
The Present
by Billy Collins

Much has been said about being in the present.
It’s the place to be, according to the gurus,
like the latest club on the downtown scene,
but no one, it seems, is able to give you directions.

It doesn’t seem desirable or even possible
to wake up every morning and begin
leaping from one second into the next
until you fall exhausted back into bed.

Plush, there’d be no past
with so many scenes to savor and regret,
and no future, the place you will die
but not before flying around with a jet-pack.

The trouble with the present is
that it’s always in a state of vanishing.
Take the second it takes to end
this sentence with a period–already gone.

What about the moment that exists
between banging your thumb
with a hammer and realizing
you are in a whole lot of pain?

What about the one that occurs
after you hear the punch line
but before you get the joke?
Is this the where the wise men want us to live

in that intervening tick, the time slot
that occurs after you have spent hours
searching downtown for that new club
and just before you die up and head back

from "The Rain In Portugal"

Random House, 2016

March 30th
Manhattan Midnight
Full Moon in the crook of a crooked branch


March 31st
This City
Old and New

April 1st

Lines for Future Haiku
(7s and 5s)
by Ms.

An angel passes over
The egg proves rebirth
Surely Spring is here
Geese have returned once again
Sunday Christ rises from death
We'll celebrate April fools
Eat Candy, be glad
Hyacinth will bloom
And, all wars will end
I'm sending a wish
May you be well and content
Scatter seeds like promises

Sunny Morning
Duckling Dear
Wild caught Alaskan Cod, Green sauce (one Cilantro salad dressing + Fresh Spinach pureed), Organic Pasta
  Snow Tonight

Easter Past


yvette said...

Love your selfie!

And as for living in the now....

Sorry for my absence here but always near

Happy easter Michelle!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

no words. just being present

Nancy said...

Love the thoughts on living in the moment. I say live where you can or want to! Always love your city shots :) Happy Spring to you.

Peggy Mcg said...

I so enjoy seeing your stuffed animals..this duck speaks of spring even if the weather does not. Would love to know the process and ingredients in the pureed spinach and how long it keeps.

Anonymous said...

your view of the city instructs and inspires. Love the idea of the "intervening tick" -- the pause between hearing a joke and getting it. Your friend is lucky to have you -- bearing good cheer and poetry!

Ms. said...

Green goop recipe
One bottle of Brads Cilantro salad dressing
A pound of fresh spinach leaves cut up and pureed in a blender with the cilantro dressing--transfer to small jars for serving and use - keep in fridge for weeks. Freeze some (those you don't fill to the top to allow for ice)
Good on fish, on salad, pasta, rice and toast