Thursday, April 11, 2019


One Plant at a Time
Cuttings sent to me as a gift from Deanna Cohen
"This carbon sponge can sequester more than 4 tons of carbon dioxide per year per hectare planted, making it more effective than the Amazon rainforest at sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. The unassuming-looking bush with its round, succulent leaves is especially good at photosynthesis (making plant food from sunlight), which produces a byproduct we desperately need: oxygen."
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In the wilds of South Africa, large plants do survive the winter frosts by growing dense enough to provide their own natural cover. Drought-tolerant and fire-resistant, it will endure desert sun and heat once established, which the jade plant will not. Cuttings root very easily in most potting media.


Have Begun

six plants in three pots

Stage Two
ready as soon as holes are drilled

Stage Three
Give away to Gardens


Mo Crow said...

one of our customers keeps their Jade Plant as it is commonly known here in Australia on the left hand side of the front door for the feng shui, it's also known as the money plant, they like a free draining potting mix and don't like wet feet

Mokihana Calizar said...

My mother had a huge old Jade at the entrance of our family home, how wonderful to be reminded of Jade's enduring gifts. Thank you I thought I recognized her photo & mo identified her by a name I knew.