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A Little  Pause
(after gardening)
September 09
Labors of love and duty lain aside.
It is enough to just allow thoughts
washing downstream to emerge
slithery as eels.  Don't hold on.

The whole trick is 'keep moving'
Should we believe dark thoughts
simply because darkness exists?
Then a question surfaces.

What do we know of darkness
but that it is the gem at the core,
seed sans fruit, the whole story
rushing past and through finite us.

Here comes an oft' heard truth:
We are swimming in the river of time
floating along imagining a boat,
us, safely at the helm, in control.

These are our comforts - the familiar
cup of tea, coffee, chocolate, water,
familiar sounds surround us,
inform us of ourselves.

The air moves sweetly within,
breathing becomes unconscious,
a pleasure's a pleasure if it's perceived.
Perception is a form of light.


jude said...

oh lordy! this is more like it! thank you.

deanna7trees said...

oh i love seeing the drawing in stages. and the hand---so expressive. hands seems to have a language of their own.
and the hand in this lovely drawing is saying so much.
the thoughts expressed in your poem have lots of meaning for me. love when you say 'perception is a form of light'.
hope to see more of your work on your blog in the future. this needs to be shared.

Nancy said...

The artwork - progressing...the poem...I will be thinking more about these. Beautiful. Thank you for deciding to share these.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

having a looooong love of colored
pencil drawings
i found real pleasure in this
thanks for letting us enjoy

Ms. said...

Thank you all for your kind appreciations. I posted a postcard color pencil drawing from a series I did while at Ananda Ashram in the late 90s as a pat time resident four days a week for a year or two. The series evolved from a large drawing notebook into individual 8X10 selections, that then were printed into postcards and note cards for sale at the Ashram. i have very few of them left. But I retain the originals and might do a computer photo series suitable for attachments and posting just as soon as I can wrap my economy around getting batteries. My printer has been sans ink for the same reason many months. Priorities shift.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i am looking VERY forward to these.