Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Too Many Choices
I've been struggling - what to do with Tuesday's blog.
What will be the Tuesday Muse?
I start with a little research, trolling around the web.

Origin of the name

In the brief amusing history of English Tuesday was named after
an Anglo or Saxon god, but which one?

In the Greek world, Tuesday (the day of the week of the Fall of Constantinople) is considered an unlucky day. The same is true in the Spanish-speaking world. For both Greeks and Spanish-speakers, the 13th of the month is considered unlucky if it falls on Tuesday, instead of Friday. In Judaism on the other hand, Tuesday is considered a particularly lucky day, because in the first chapter of Genesis the paragraph about this day contains the phrase "it was good" twice.
In the Thai Solar Calendar, the day is named for the Pali word for the planet Mars, which also means "Ashes of the Dead". and the color associated with Tuesday is Pink.
In the folk rhyme Monday's Child, "Tuesday's child is full of grace".
Black Tuesday 1929
Why we Vote on Tuesdays
Another Book chain Folds Tuesday
Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
Rolling Stones

Tuesday Afternoon
Moody Blues

Then I Remembered Hanuman

The Hanuman Chalisais a forty verse chant describing the life and deeds of Hanuman,
the Hindu monkey god, central character in the Indian epic
Tuesday is designated as Hanuman day, and it is sung
either 11 times (about an hour) or
108 times (about 12 hours) continuously.
It is said that even hearing it sung is enough, and that
singing it is more than enough to effect a transformation over time.
I sing it with others since first hearing it,
then learning it,  and finally loving it.
Just a taste for now
since more about it's spiritual significance will be on a
Sunday Spirit Muse blog
The Hanuman Chalisa Chanted Once
September 2009 - Krishna Das in India
10 minutes and 51 minutes

"Tuesday's Muse"
Thumbnail for version as of 08:17, 2 November 2010
Who can overcome insurmountable obstacles
Who is the perfect servant of the highest good

All things primate will be featured here,
beginning with this encouraging data:

Our Close Cousins and Altruism



deanna7trees said...

i'm going to be late for lace class because i have to listen to the whole of the moody blues before i shut down the computer. i think i still have that album. i ought to play my albums. i haven't in years. will have to come back later to savor all the other goodies here. thanks.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Rodrigo y Gabriela Hanuman
i think it's a u tube?
but google Hanuman and it's
somewhere there........

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Hey Grace - I know their fantastic work - Thanks for this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENBX_v1Po1Y

deanna7trees said...

i love that grace. thanks to both of you.

jude said...

did you feel the earth move?

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

I'm okay - http://earthsky.org/earth/5-8-magnitude-earthquake-rattles-washington-d-c-and-u-s-east-coast - If I felt it, it was in a dream - took a nap 1-3PM and missed it. I slept through 9/ll too, sort of - waking a few short minutes after the second plane hit with a funny feeling that made me turn on the radio, then TV, just in time to see the towers fall. All stayed quiet long enough for me to have one more yoga class at 5PM, and it was good, A new sign went up at the bus stop (I'll add it on to woeld muse Wednesday. I'm ecstatic in the strangest way, floating, sailing out on this evening breeze, "skipping over the Ocean like a stone"...hugs to you all=>