Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dolphn Muse Thursday - RETURN TO THE SEA

Dolphin Muse

We came from the sea, and return to the sea eventually,
reintegrate, evaporate, or swim to that farther shore.

I found this 1980 article about Thomas Mann's daughter, Elisabeth Borgese, her relationship to marine life and attempts at aqua-culture (might offend vegetarians, but, is none the less, illuminating).
"Since 1963 Borgese has restricted her own diet to vegetables (one favorite snack is a kind of seaweed parmigiana) and, of course, fish. With the Atlantic at her doorstep, she sails, swims and snorkels—"I love it, but I always drink half the ocean."

Dolphins escape attempt is, no doubt, not an isolated incident.  Nothing is content in captivity.  Even a domesticated cat will wander off,
wild reverted,  given certain circumstances.
If stranded, or beached, look to a dolphin for your help in need
(there is a brief, mostly inoffensive, commercial at the head of this short video about a dolphin rescuer)

The maker admits "I composed this video about a friendship between a dolphin and a dog with clips from the movies: "Zeus and Roxanne" 1992, mixed with some pieces of "Spinner Dolphins", and added Vangelis soundtrack.  Zeus, the pooch, and Roxanne, the dolphin, are able to communicate with one another. The dog is a Portuguese Podengo.
They traveled everywhere with the Portuguese, they even sailed on the ships of Christopher Columbus."

So Long, it's been hard to know ya!
 Thanks to Paul Krugman posting this


deanna7trees said...

love that when i have a few minutes to spare i can come here and find something interesting to watch. taking three classes right now so the minutes seem to be few and far between.
dolphins are the greatest.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

You are so faithful, with all you have to do too! What a dynamo you are dear Deanna. I'm so happy you find what I post interesting. My followers have disappeared, and Judy said the same is happening to her, and when I go to blogger help it doesn't help. Pfooey!