Wednesday, August 31, 2011

World Muse Wednesday - TOP OF THE WORLD

AUGUST 31 2011

"World Muse"
Thumbnail for version as of 22:09, 26 November 2009

Our little planet is shaking with transformations. Look at the way the Ice flow travels from inside to out
Japans Tsunami
broke a huge piece of ice off the shelf.

Me Too
After the earthquake and hurricane, I'm breaking off,
flowing fast, inside out, and spinning.
Like a recent post from Wunerful-Wendy, I'm saying
"Stop The World, I Want To Get Off"
Any one recall that show?
A still timely song from the 1966 film adaptation


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1 comment:

deanna7trees said...

oh yes. sometimes we want time to slow down and sometimes we want to speed up time. maybe we just slow it down and speed it up in our mind. our attitude affects time, i think.
don't remember the show 'stop the world'.