Monday, September 5, 2011

Music Muse Monday - MUSIC IS THE MAGIC

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The Music Is The Magic
"Fueled by a fierce integrity and idiosyncratic style on and off the stage, Abbey Lincoln has always gone her own way. This ninety-minute documentary feature film will present Ms.Lincoln's life and work; from her beginnings as a Hollywood Glamor girl, to actor and civil rights activist, to her present standing as one of the most gifted and original singers and composers of our time. Produced and directed by photographer Carol Friedman, the film was shot on 16mm in black & white and color over a period of nineteen years.
Now in post production, this film project seeks cinema angels
to help us with our completion funds.
We hope to release the film in Summer, 2011..."
See this one at You Tube

Read About Abbey

Softly As In An Evening Sunset
A fan says - "Wonderful rendition. This should be required listening for young and upcoming singers - Melodically pure yet richly interpreted, personalized and caressing, free of excess and bombastic excursions, lyrically crisp and always intelligible.
It's totally captivating and full of soul!"

Whistlin In The Dark

Throw It Away

"Cause you can never lose a thing, if it belongs to you."

Music Therapy
It is considered both an art and a science, with a qualitative and quantitative research literature base incorporating areas such as clinical therapy, biomusicology, musical acoustics, music theory, psychoacoustics, embodied music cognition, aesthetics of music,
comparative musicology.

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deanna7trees said...

it's wonderful that music can be so therapeutic. i've always been amazed between the connection of music and mathematics.

nandas said...

oh what a beautiful voice. i feel like an old geezer when i think they just don't write songs like they used to. such thoughtful lyrics. i am so glad to have found you... it just brings up my spirit to hear the music you select... and though i didn't comment i did love the hanuman chants. thanks michelle!

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

I did check out the Http you left "The link between the physical practice of music and strong mathematical abilities are demonstrated in studies that show that kids who play a musical instrument can perform more complex arithmetical operations than those who do not play an instrument. The slow work of practice, the attention to detail and the discipline it takes to learn an instrument are also excellent preparation for the practice involved in building strong math skills."--very interesting indeed...and, if you go to the extended links on this post, you will see that Abby Lincoln had some learning problems too, solved by music therapy!

I'm tickled pink you find the posts inspiring. Abby Lincoln was a thoughtful musician, and brilliant lyricist. her words and life are inspiring to me, and that voice is depth personified.

jude said...

i am in love with her.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Hey Jude--Me too, for a long time now. PS-got your call and answered it to audix-thanks. Call any time for any reason.

Nancy said...

Michelle, can I ask...did this post have music to hear embeded in it? I often don't see (well, 'get') everything in a post or email. I've never been able to figure out why or how to fix it, so I just shrug and go on!
I do usually get your links, so I just explore that way.
When you have a chance let me know what I should be looking for!
Thankfully you always include so much of thanks for that :)

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Nancy....each picture here is a video from you tube at this site. Just turn up the volume and click on the pictures one at a time. Oh, my I hope you are not missing all the sounds on Music Mondays and on other days too.

Nancy said...

The only picture I see is at the top, the book. When I click on just enlarges it...but no you tube. :(
This has happened to me before at other sites or in certain emails. Sometimes I will copy and past a name into you tube or google to try and figure it out. If there are other pictures, I don't see them.
I can click on some words or links...
it's frustrating that's for sure.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Nancy...You couldn't see the first one, cause it wasn't there. You can see "The Music Is The Magic" directly at You Tube, I just dropped the URL in to the original post. Can you see/hear the other video songs there?