Sunday, September 4, 2011


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"If you wanna know if you're making, so called, progress
on your spiritual path, see if you are kinder to people.
See if you are a little easier on yourself,
if you're a little bit less obsessed with your self,
and all the stuff in your life.
See if you are happier during the day,
in a simple way, more content.
See if you're treating people more like you would like to be treated.
That means it's working."
NYC 2011

Hanuman Chalisa
September 2009 Krishna Das in India
 11 Minutes
Classic Hanuman Chalisa
Dedicated to Neem Karori Baba Maharaj Ji
considered an avatar of Hanuman,
Guru to Krishna Das, Bhagavan Das, and Ram Das,
Americans who went to India while the tumultuous
sixties and seventies rolled over America,
and reverberated round the world.

About Hanuman

About Ram Das

No beginning
No end

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An extra clue was in my answer to Nancy after her comment
"Nice words, but look carefully at the clues again -word- is in a certain typeface and that's the key. Try again."   Nancy said "story" or "silence" - Deanna chose "amygdala" - and, Jude said "witness".  All wonderful words, but, Grace is the winner with "longing"!  It's was in the Rumi Poem, and in the slanted typeface.
“This longing you express is the return message.” 

Thanks for participating, I had fun preparing the prize.


deanna7trees said...

congratulations to Grace.
the evolution of consciousness, the spiritual path...the most illuminating path to follow, but not so easily achieved.

deanna7trees said...

a great explanation of what chanting does for the mind in the first video.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i am hesitant...grace, could it
be me? me/grace? i did choose
but how can it BE? i have never
won anything before..?
i would be embarassed if it is
a different Grace. but she would
have chosen longing too....
well...i did email, Michelle. someday i will figure out how to add my Edress amoung other things
like the Feather logo, to windthread....
oh, now i'll be running up to the
Neighborhood Box Unit everyday, or
if not that, calling our postwoman
Debby at the postoffice to inquire
if something came from
New York City

nandas said...

you know what grace? you are just downright cute! congratulations!