Friday, February 24, 2012

Feather Muse Friday FEATHERS ON THE WIND

Feather Muse

Rain washes down drains too full to float this City sitting on glacier shale between two rivers overflowing.
Each dweller, still asleep, knowing what each dweller knows. Rich and poor, young and old with steady breaths ascending toward the day.

I'm often awake precisely at this pivot hour,
with thoughts of what to do.
What might I turn attention to?

Cloths, threads,
needles, notions.
Pencils, pens,
 papers, paints.
to be developed.
Plans to bake:
potato pie w/parmesan,
 and apple-cranberry
Piles of paper
some useful, some not,
waiting near the shredder.
Create or Clear what was created?

Reading my dashboard, neglected yesterday, I'm overjoyed to find Wilf,  that furry Francophile I love unreasonably, still walking the roads of village life (see), Grace in O'keefe landscapes deciding there's no mistake (see), Jude on gentle sloping curve eyeing almost-Spring with her Was (see), Deanna praising a friend's creation (see), Jean 'playing' happily accompanied by Hafiz (see),
Judy wrapped in the infinite (see), Velma's keen vision assessing work and weather (see) and 'wunerful' Wendy cleaving a path through the world with image and word (see).

Section of 'The Red One' by Wendy Videlock
That Heart

That heart sees the flower in a fossil, knows
living makes the dead colossal, sustains joy

within dread, reverence in folly. Oh, never
less than naked, sheds tears to bind the holly
ivy loves to climb.  A hand twines with mine 
to pass some idle hour, thrust here by higher
power. We fossils once were tender flowers.

Stairs To Heaven

"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."
-Steve Jobs-


deanna7trees said...

a nice post. a little bit of everything. 'following your heart'...a message that can change your life.

*jean* said...

a lovely pot of ponder today, ms...potato and parmesean pie sounds delish! thanks for the mention...i like your feather muse & lite full...happy weekend to you

Judy Martin said...

I like to think of our mortality as a square.

And our self as a circle.

When a circle is inside a square, (an old archetypal symbol discussed by many people) the dynamic circle is contained within those earthly limits.

Knowing that we have those limits gives us inspiration to do our best. get things done.

Yes, we are mortal, but yes, we are alive now. Get it done.

Your blog is always very interesting, and well researched. I feel your great intelligence and warm heart through cyber land. You have been a blessing for me in the last few months.

I didn't recognize you because you had changed your profile photo.

Hello and Love

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes...i think you look like
MonaLisa in the new pic. i like
i feel self so much in this post.
is your stove what is called an
apartment size? like small?er
than the regular ones anymore? i
have one...apartment my
kitchen now. it's the one that was
in my old falling apart airstream.
i brought it in because the oven
worked. the previous house stove
didn't have that anymore. but then, a friend thought to adjust one of the burners and broke it.
so, now, i have two working burners and an oven.
well...enough to cook what you have pictured here. so..good.
i'd like to just stop by your place
some morning to just say hi. wouldn't that be amazing?
Big love, g