Saturday, February 25, 2012

Silent Muse Saturday ONE STEP AT A TIME

Silent Muse
View this 1 minute flicker stream of stills
by Sonja Hinrichsen
It's so fine--Just stunning.
I think about the actual time all those precise steps took, the meditative quality of their performance, and the planning that had to precede the execution of the work so that only the patterns were left when it was done.

It is ephemeral art, like sand painting, or sand castles.  It will not last, and so, the point is in the action of doing the work, not the product.

Imagine the quality of sound in that vast landscape, the feel of the crisp air.

Thanks to the ever astute eye of Nancy who posted the video of this project on her inspiring blog a few days ago. It's a Vimeo, and my set up only receives it as halting motion, but you might be able to view it


deanna7trees said...

a magnificent snow quilt. here's a link and more links within on the story:

Nancy said...

I love how the 3 of us have come together to see this project from different vantage points!
Thanks for the mention Michelle.
Thanks for the info. Deanna.

katney said...
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