Saturday, July 14, 2012


A package from Deanna
chock full of crochet and lace pieces she's been saving.
 One Precious Detail
The Whole Thing
Then Into the Indigo Pot with This One
 Beautiful Color Still Emerges
Simply amazes me how long it's lasting
 I intend to frame this panel when it's finished
 Left some wooden prayer beads in the pot overnight
(they were plain on a red string before)
See my Image Blog for a wonderful drawing by her.


deanna7trees said...

so glad you will make use of these crochet pieces that have been patiently waiting to be used.

bj said...

I love how the indigo plays upon these bits and pieces. Saving precious scraps is one of my job descriptions as an artisan/crafter/sewist/creative type. I need to pop something into the walnut/iron water pot (thank you for reminding me).

Nancy said...

Lovely images, lovely blues! I'd love to be able to add blue to that tablecloth I am playing with! That will make a beautiful frame for your bird. Such a nice gift, from a great gal!