Sunday, July 15, 2012


To Market
But first
  Took a peek at the Opera Thrift Shop Window,
always a gratifying aesthetic experience.
Purchased a lovely little book there for $2:
 a collection of nature writings,
 with stunning illustrations from the art of
John James Audubon.
Union Square
The joint was jumpin';  overflowing with fruits, vegetables, breads, grains, eggs and meats,
wines and cheeses, cut flowers and plants,
and plenty of hungry people.
was there,  exuding power and light, surrounded by girls
waiting their turn for some wisdom.
I sat awhile--told her that many of my readers are hoping for more information about her, and that' I'd tried the email she gave me, but it bounced back.
She embraced me warmly, and said
she would definitely email me.
Snapped a shot of this fellow meditating.
Another familiar face,
reemerged from not so long ago;
a yogi and his "adorable" friend.
He also said he will email me
This Tinfoil Sculpture caught my eye
left by another anonymous Artist 
The sun was descending
Rounding the corner at Irving Place to go home,
this limousine pulled up and parked.
The driver got out, stretched, looked at his watch,
and got back inside
Wonder who he was waiting for,
and where they all went off to.

It's just past midnight as I finish this post,
but no emails yet.


deanna7trees said...

so many interesting sights and people in nyc. i used to love my saturdays walking the streets of ny.

Ms. said...

Ah, yes--I went to market specifically to find 'the Beautiful Woman' and to connect in a more complete way...though she seemed eager to do so, there is still no email in my in box, and no message on the machine.

Mo Crow said...

what a fabulous thrift shop and local markets you have Michele, you live in Manhattan? I was in NYC visiting relatives a few years back and walking past the window of Bergdorf & Goodmansaw the most beautiful silk dress ever, it was as if a piece of the ocean had been magically transformed into a gown for a mermaid!

Nancy said...

Oh a lovely book, for sure. A please do tell us more when you learn it, The Beautiful Woman, Yogi...and a tinfoil treat!

Deb said...

how have I missed/overlooked your window into the city/state that I love? Could I have allowed jealousy to blind me? rejecting that nonsense here and now.

new reader.

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely book and a lovely walk. Wish I could be there. I need lots of walks these days, if only to clear the mind.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Deb's comment gave me this beautiful image of all of us traipsing along behind you, like ghosts, your entourage, as you walk and look and Tell...