Saturday, July 7, 2012


Early in the morning
a little more on the Cardinal panel.
  Detail is emerging.
Then, despite the heat--a trip to market
for plants and organic vegetables.
Registration for Voting in full swing
with valiant volunteers out working.
A  b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l woman appeared
her smile brighter than the sunlight
More about her later on.

A weary plant seller, so overwhelmed he was announcing
"Free Plants-Donations Excepted",
just so he could get gas money to get home, plus purchase more for the next week.
Half of them were wilting but I gave him $20 and got much more than than that amount usually then he was attracting a crowd, so I stayed on helping folks pick good plants, answering their questions about what each plant needs to thrive and encouraging people to donate.
He was very happy and thanked me.
It was so pleasurable for me, I thanked him!

At another stand,
a two day old pig was the draw.
He, I was told when I asked, had run away from his mom, and she wouldn't accept him back, so the family was keeping him close in order to hand feed him  continuously to give him a chance at life.
I got some nice eggs there.

Further on, I purchased white turnips with their greens, and some lovely green peppers that are sweet when sauteed with just a bit of salt and oil, and a big bunch of basil for pesto, which I make with sunflower seeds olive oil, and garlic.
I stopped in at Catskill Merino Sheep Farm
to admire the hand dyed yarns
Luscious colors
Home slowly,
stopping by Irving Place for a coffee,
 Then up my three flights to stash perishables, pick up my portable radio so I could listen to 'Prairie Home Companion' while I worked...back out, and around the corner to the garden.  One of the woad plants is budding-Yay!
I dug in everything I'd bought
 (an orange hollyhock the prize piece of the day),
over watered all the new plants, plus all the pots 
(6-8 PM),  then hooked up the underground hoses to let the water drip in slow for another two hours, while I went back home for a hot bath and light supper. A gorgeous golden sunset greeted me (picture on the picture blog)  At 10:30 one more trip to turn the water off, and now to bed in clean sheets, while outside the thunder has just announced the promised storm is arriving as predicted to bring change for the better.  

Happiness is like this
--a flurry of activity, a sudden storm, and there it is--
a tiny Buddha!


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Michelle...if i could have "prayed"
for a Post that would fill me to
my brim, it would be this one.
Everything about it. Everything.
and such a strong sense of you
moving through these moments, i felt like i was right next to you, going with you...
and this Woman, well, hurry with the later....
and just ALL OF IT
i am not fond of telephones, but if i'd had your number just now,
i would have to call you and thank you thank you thank you...

deanna7trees said... grace says. this is a beautiful post with so much giving and taking of love along the way. glad you are getting some relief from the heat. we are promised some rain and some lower temps but it hasn't happened yet.

Nancy said...

YES! As Grace and Deanna have said...Such a beautiful, wonderful post full of colors, textures, spirit and warmth...these things that life is made up of. What a lovely Sunday you've had.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing more about the crystal lady. Was the tiny Buddha a 'found' creation, or put there on purpose? Lastly, I dreamt about that little pig last night... details not clear, but I realized it just now as I re-read your post.

bj said...

Thank you so very much for allowing us along on this special day! You have an eye for the most wonderful details of day to day living. You've reminded us to stop and smell the roses, buy some plants, and appreciate the new life of a piglet. We look forward to the story behind the beautiful lady.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Fresh food, flowers, yarn, Garrison Keillor and a baby pig! Life is soooo good, isn't it?

Ms. said...

Yes--sooo good sometimes--but the 'beautiful woman' has not responded to my emailsn and I'm sure I got it right...she wrote it out for me herself in very clear print! so, no follow up on that yet. i'll go to the market this Saturday and hope she's there again.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

tell her there is someone in New Mexico waiting

Peggy said...

I loved this. Since I couldn't live it, reading about it was the next best thing. xo