Friday, July 13, 2012


It was simply perfect Summer weather for our first
 Edna and Dorothy Duet
(rescheduled from last weeks miss)
Elianna Kan

Madison Square Park
 Men Working Out
Private Yoga Session
Found a spacious enough place to settle under one of the older trees in a shady part of lawn.   First there was a bit of talk about our two lives to date. then reading commenced, alternating between us:

I Read Dorothy Parker's "Rhyme Against Living",
"Wisdom", "Afternoon", "A dream Lies Dead",
"For A Lady Who Must Write Verse", and "But Not Forgotten". 

She read Edna St. Vincent Millay's "Sonnet XLVII",
"Sonnet XL", and several other sonnets that were unnumbered.

About three quarters through our time together (her lunch hour), my friend Lorelie , a sketch artist and caricaturist, joined us and did a quick sketch.
It was lovely, and we will do it again.


deanna7trees said...

oh...looks like it was a wonderful day. so glad you enjoyed it.

MulticoloredPieces said...

What a lovely outing. I love the way you bring in poetry and art and nature, which all enhances human activity.
best, nadia

Nancy said...

Michelle it is so nice to see you!! I'm glad you two connected this time. It looks like a wonderful time. I love the expression on her face and the movement of your hands in the sketch.

Anonymous said...

just read this and newer posts and feel like I was just out and about... I love your observations and pictures...